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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Who Said that Reforms are Painless? SYABAS to the PM for Enduring the Pain

To those who are so loudly clamouring for the PM to step down NOW, it must be frustrating to hear that he simply refuses to abandon ship.

In a way AAB is allowing UMNO members to take a course of medication, a large dose of discipline to wait untill December to challenge him at the polls. He has opened the doors wide to open discussion so that the grassroots can decide who should become the next team of leaders to steer the BN into less perilous waters.
I hope he will also make the statement that whoever gets voted in as the Deputy President will also get his approval for we really need to get away from the "annointed one" syndrome.

Like most Malaysians, I am sure that even UMNO members are finding the new freedoms a little strange - too often we only hear or watch the loud-mouthed uncouth so-called leaders uttering profanities that can make a sailor blush.

I suggest to the quieter BN members to take the opportunity to voice all your concerns for the next seven months will determine the course of your political future.

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1 comment:

novice101 said...

Abdullah Badawi solely to be blamed for the dismal result?

It's a sad fact of life that when one is down, one is left to stand alone. One is asked to shoulder all blame though, in life, this is never the case. One is isolated, cast to the wolves. In worst cases, the ones one has helped and whom one has placed one's faith in, joined with the crowd to go for one's blood. All these, from the mildest to the worst scenarios, are now being played out in UMNO!

Having been through one month of humiliation, he must be at his lowest, right now. For all his faults, this treatment meted out to him is not fair. If, the UMNO people do not want to speak out for him, the rakyat should.

The present state of the nation (the emergence of the 2-party system), which we think is good for the nation, would not have come about if not for AAB's more tolerant and liberal attitude.

A more basic consideration is the human values. What democratic principles are we talking about if we don't offer a peron his basic right - the democratic right to dignity and respect!