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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Talks with Sabah and Sarawak - the Way Towards Decentralization

The request for more "rewards" by Sabah and Sarawak after they won many seats for BN is only fair and perhaps it may lead to more decentralization of Malaysian politics.
I feel that Malaysia could benefit if more independence is given to states to plan and develop with more local control.

For example, the building of schools, houses, water and utility systems can be done under the state government and the states can be granted a portion of the income taxes and company taxes collected, similar to the oil royalties. When will they give Terangganu back their oil dues?

Many of the problems that caused the almost demise of the BN were caused by too much control from the HQs. If only they had allowed the various local leaders to recommend the candidates for the polls, I imagine that 50% of the protest activities would have vanished.

If we give the states more autonomy to manage local affairs, the federal government can focus more on FDI attraction, foreign affairs, law enforcement and national defense. It would also require less energy and create better cooperation between Putrajaya and the respective state governments even if they are under Opposition rule.

We should all accept that "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely".
With more decentralization, more power is transferred to the states and that itself will definitely reduce our corruption potential.

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