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Thursday, April 3, 2008

KATAKS! OK-lah if You Resign Your Seats and Get Re-Elected

That seems to be the majority view of the 101 readers who take the MALAYSIAWATCH POLL 35 that posed the question:

What Do You Think of MPs who Cross Over?

Are they lining up like these cute frogs?

52 or 51% picked "Perfectly OK if they Resign and Re-Contest to Let Voters Choose"
17 or 17% chose "OK if No Money is Being Paid"
14 or 14% chose "Such People Have No Moral Courage and Principles"
11 or 11% chose "Why Not? Politicians are Mostly Crooks, anyway"
7 or 7% chose "I am Aghast at the Power Grabbing - It's Unfair to Voters"

It is interesting to note:

21% of the pollsters are quite annoyed with elected changing their allegiance.
11% are quite cynical about politicians(crooks?)
17% seem to be rather naive(zero inducement to switch sides?)

Photo: thanks to http://www.nwf.org/nationalwildlife/images/122006/contest_frogs.jpg

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