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Friday, April 18, 2008

60% Support the Prime Minister's Desire to Continue.....

It is not really a poll with significant numbers but of the 101 readers who took the trouble to participate, about 60% want AAB to carry on.

The question for MALAYSIAWATCH POLL 36 was :

"What Do You Think the Prime Minister Should Do for the Sake of Malaysia?"

40 or 40% chose The Game is Over - Go Gracefully

Of the 60% who supported his staying, the breakdown is as follows:

24 or 24% want "Make the Judicial Review and IPCMC the First Business in Parliament"
17 or 17% want "Bring Your Predecessor to Justice"
15 or 15% want "Step Up Reforms by Doubling the Speed"
5 or 5% thought "Carry on as normal. You are Doing Fine"

(there is a 1% rounding error)

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