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Thursday, April 17, 2008

RAFIDAH is Still a Leader with Gumption and Guts...

Despite her failings in the recent AP Scandal that was not handled judiciously by the top leadership, the Wanita UMNO leader knows what party loyalty and discipline is all about.
She was dropped from the Cabinet but took it in good spirit and now when the UMNO top gun is being gunned down from all quarters, Rafidah has joined the MIC leader in offering support to AAB.

The most important point is this:
Are Malaysians going to allow the Prime Minister they elected to be kicked out on the say-so of some minor minions in his political party?
It is quite strange that many senior UMNO ministers did not come out strongly to support their leader. Scared of being "jantan"?

After all, for many years the Cabinet has operated on that sacred term "collective decision" so maybe it is the right time to display that noble trait and take "collective responsibility".

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