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Monday, April 21, 2008

Our Former PM Wants his Day in Court....

Most national leaders who retire are content to let the new leaders do their jobs but TDM seems to have created a new program for ex-leaders on "How to Belittle Those who Lead After You".

Within 2 years of his successor's term, he started his campaign, starting with the infamous "Crooked Bridge" to Singapore that he started even before the Singapore side has agreed.

Now that the government wants to pay ex-gratia monies to the judges that were punished from tribunals established by him, he questions the move as being politically motivated as everything that was done to them was approved by the courts and therefore must be legally correct.

In fact he has even challenged anyone to take him to court. Unfortunately, during the RCI for the Lingam tapes, he appears to be rather weak in his memory.
My experience with older people is that they can remember clearly something that happened 20 years ago but if you ask them what they had for lunch yesterday, it is a difficult recall.

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