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Thursday, April 3, 2008

PENANG - the Bridge Too Far for PETRONAS

We all know that PETRONAS is active in many parts of the world and even in areas where the political climate may not be secure and so perhaps the new CM of Penang may have been hoping for too much to get the PM's directive for PETRONAS to fund the second Penang Bridge.

According to the malaysiakini article
,“He said it is not possible because of a few subsidies and other commitments they are planning,” said Lim

Given the usual secrecy that surrounds such mega-projects, the PM's refusal is not surprising. Just look at the "crooked bridge" project in JB. They wanted to change the design and the taxpayers ended up paying more than RM300m extra for less work done.

I don't believe the PM was simply trying to create a problem for the CM. The whole picture will be clearly seen if one can get hold of all details of the agreement that were discussed and agreed before the contract was signed.

Photo: thanks to malaysiakini

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