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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

PAKATAN RAKYAT - the New Political Force in Malaysia

Finally it is happening - the dawn of the 2-party system in Malaysia.
Readers who have been following this blog for the past 3 years will know that I have written some articles about ending race-based political parties and also the 2-party system whereby governments operate not on the basis of their divine right but based on the goodwill of the voters - in other words,
"Please deliver or you will be out the next elections".

It took moderate Malaysians almost 50 years to finally make that important decision and so PR should have no illusions that voters will not abandon them if they fail to fulfill their promises.

I wish PR well and only hope that the BN will quickly recover from their trauma, get rid of tainted leaders and become a balancing force. Malaysians want to be spoilt for choice and a too powerful PR will not be healthy either.

Logo: thanks to malaysiakini.It is interesting to note that the 3 parties have a circle as a common symbol.


rosso said...

Excuse me Sir. Please do not highlight the "circles" in the various logos, lest some idiots may insinuate that the Pakatan Rakyat is just "kosong" .

PeterP said...

Yes, I too hope the PR is not just a public relations exercise. As long as they keep serving the rakyat and be ever mindful of your warning/reminder, they should be alright.

novice101 said...

With the new development and under the new political scenario, its is right for the BR loose coalition to come together under one banner now. It’s the natural progress under such circumstances.

One can envisage it is going to be a friction-laden relationship, full of ideological arguments, fights for positions, posturing for publicity, display of anger and indignation (real and feigned), loud proclamations of misconstrued actions and misinterpreted statements, and last but not least, outrageous ‘antics’ to attract attention.

These are normal behaviours expected of politicians, but, on the other hand, there are serious work to be done. Wise women and men are required to tackle the many issues, they need to apply rational and reasonable thinking to iron out these issues. To come out with acceptable and workable framework and policies, extreme care and sensitivity need to be exercised. Egos and tempers have to be held under rein. Participants have to conduct themselves with civility and good manners. The tendency to resort to ‘one-upmanship’ should be discouraged. Respect for the others’ point of view must guide all discussions of policies. Members must not threaten or intimidate others. All participants should not lose sight of the overall purpose why they are coming together. This vision of building an united country should be clearly seen and totally accepted!

It’s not going to be an easy task, for even now, there are, already, supporters of the parties involved, clamouring for their leaders to fight for the more prominent leadership positions. Many will insist the leaders to stand firm on their ideological positions. The leaders will be walking on a very tight rope. The leaders should stay committed to the sole purpose of building a united Malaysia!

National interests must be the priority, they must not be allowed to be override by narrow ideological demands. PR leaders must be able to make this distinction and not cave in to unreasonable demands, only then, does the nation has hope of steering itself away from race-based politics!

A brave act on March 8, has given us a serendipitous reward, capitalize on it and turn it into the second Merdeka !

H J Angus said...

rosso, peterp and novice101
thanks for your comments.
why not circles? they can indicate the amount of money we can save with proper tenders.

since you can write so well, suggest you can start your own blog!