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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Governments Should Appoint the Best Talents Available....

Some feel that a government should appoint only those who belong to the political parties that won in elections.
This means that about 50% of the people who belong to the opposition cannot be considered for appointments and that equates to a major loss of potential manpower.

I support the Penang move to appoint outside parties to important posts provided it does not compromise the situation.

Congratulations to both parties as a successful relationship will show Malaysians that we may disagree on politics but once elections are over, it is possible to cooperate to work for the greater good.
Another first for Penang!


Paul Naidu said...

I agree with you! the best brains should be allowed to run all GLC.
it should not matter where their alliance are.

as long as they can help our country to progress and help the people to have a better life, why not.

our neighbours are welcoming them with open arms to run their cooperations.why are we so blind to this fact?.

sybas PR...keep up the good work

H J Angus said...

Just look at the composition of the GLCs boards.

Many are appointed just because they are linked to political parties. Now how do you suppose that GLC is going to be able to compete in the global scene?