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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stop Being Pig-Headed About that Farm

Isn't it interesting that the former MB claims that the farm approval was only "in principle".
Looks as if this is one pig-headed project that he is not willing to be linked to. According to the report, some people spent time in Europe studying pig farms before the project got the green light.

I wonder why the State Secretary did not sign the full agreement just before the General Elections ala the water project?

As for those protesters, it is part of progress and a well-managed farm should be less smelly and polluting than dozens of illegal farms that can be hidden away.
One other factor to consider. Nowadays, there is the technology widely used in Singapore to produce potable water from sewage plants - so are you not going to drink the water in Singapore?

The new Selangor MB should release the documents so we know whose story is hogwash. Oh I forget .... they probably fed the pigs those shredded documents.

Photo: thanks to http://www.cefn.com.au/pigs1-2.jpg

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