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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Why I Seldom Write to Newspapers Nowadays...

I still remember writing to the dailies way back in the early 70s. The first letter that was published created a small stir in Wilkinson Process Rubber Co in Batu Caves but being a UK company, the bosses did not make a fuss.

I used to get published often in the Star, NST and the Malay Mail but the success rate was about 10 to 20%.

With the Internet and blogs, I don't bother much with newspapers these days except to respond to a rare article that is really interesting. Nowadays you can also reply using the Internet.

So yesterday's NST article NST says: "Get on with the job" evoked a response from me.
I wrote:

"I agree with this article.

Get on with the urgent reforms and many people will return to the BN.

Focus on serving all Malaysians and help ALL who really need it.

Anyone who wants to rule with a 2/3 majority should rethink this luxury as Malaysians will be more wary about whom they grant this power. We have suffered enough abuse already.

(PS. It would be good to have a preview button before sending)"

Now I understand that editors do edit but I do not agree that that they should simply take what they like:

My post ended up in today's printed NST as:
"Get on with the urgent reforms and many people will return to the BN".

I suppose the NST wants to be politically correct.

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