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Monday, April 21, 2008

National Service - Is this the Way to Go?

The NS Scheme is in the news for the wrong reasons again:

1.The death of yet another trainee who died of a "lung infection" that probably was pneumonia but the exact ailment has not been revealed.
2.The birth of a child to a female trainee - the first in NS history. This shows that the girl's parents as well as NS trainers do not know how to spot a pregnant woman.

To give everyone a break and to create the festival mood, they are now going to give the trainees "paid excursions" for those who cannot go home during a five-day break with the rational being that there is no major festival for this particular session.

These excursions are described as "free and easy" and guess who will be paying for it? Of course it is you and I, the taxpayers. I wonder if these "free and easy" excursions will result in more NS babies?

If the scheme is 5 days too long, they should just complete the entire training 5 days earlier and not complicate matters with unnecessary expenses and problems for everyone.

Having a break on account of major festivals is unavoidable but creating a break is totally unnecessary. Parents can after all visit the camps during the assigned visiting days.

1 comment:

Anak Merdeka said...

I really hope they scrap this NS for good.

What kind of unity-building programme are they talking about? I have 2 nephews, one just came back from the first batch of trainees and another still serving in the 2nd batch - both complained so much about bullying by groups of trainees from one particular race.

If they learned anything at all from the NS camps, it is that Ketuanan Melayu is very much alive and asserting itself in the fullest measure to these young minds.

Now, all I heard from their parents is that if you can avoid going into these camps, by all means do so. It does nothing but reinforce the kind of racism you already see so widespread in national schools.