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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Getting Rid of that Sour After-Dinner Taste.....

It seemed that the police were adopting a more friendly approach to gatherings when AI's dinner to mark his return to political life proceeded without a hitch.

Depending on the source you want to listen to, the crowd ranged from 7,000 to 40,000 so you decide on the size for yourself.

To the credit of both parties, the dinner gathering went off without any hitches and the crowd was not served the usual chemical-laced cocktails via the police water cannon.

This only proves that Malaysians are disciplined enough to gather without creating a disturbance. Most of us are peace-loving citizens. Of course the police are needed to provide a security cover and easing the traffic situation.

If we compare the consequences of this gathering and the chaos that ensued when peaceful protests are disrupted with tear gas and water cannon, I am sure the police can do the necessary analysis.

The calling-up of PKR leaders does create a sour after-dinner taste but maybe the police need to go through the motions as technically the organisers had breached the law. Let us hope common sense will prevail and the police will let them off with a stern warning this once.

The police should also send them the bill for the extra manpower that had to be deployed. That is only fair for these people had to be brought in at extra costs for a private function.

Photo: Thanks to http://eastoceanseafoodrestaurant.com/eos_images/dinner_chinese.jpg

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H J Angus said...

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