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Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm Sure We Can All Spend this Kind of Easy Money

This information is taken from the NST.

It is good that the ACA is looking at the details.

:: RM1.18 million on grants,
:: RM2.1 million on meals and accommodation,
:: RM932,000 on media and advertising,
:: RM710,000 on post and production,
:: RM710,000 on printing and stationery,
:: RM865,400 on equipment rental,
:: RM242,000 for volunteers allowances,
:: RM117,700 on wages, and
:: RM858,000 for travelling and transportation.

I would look at it with the following questions:
1.Grants are easily accounted for. The amounts to each sports body is easily checked.
2.Meals and accommodation looks rather high. How many meals and how many room-nights where?
3.Post and production, media and advertising and printing and stationery also is rather high and accounts for RM2.3m costs. Justification?
4.Equipment rental. What was rented and from whom?
5.How many volunteers and what was the daily rate?
6.Travelling and transportation - who went where and for what?

RM1.4 million entertainment bill should not include "a broad range of expenses related to sported events, athletes and team management participating in the National Women Games 2007. This included ceremonial events, opening and closing ceremonies, and prize giving ceremonies."

Opening and closing ceremonies can be counted and should be costed seperately and prizes can be detailed for the different sports.
That only leaves the actual amount spent on entertainment. A reasonable amount for entertainment should be allowed, perhaps capped at 5% of the annual budget.

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