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Sunday, April 6, 2008

How Sick is UMNO? Is the Doctor's Prescription Correct?

Things are coming to a head in UMNO, when the past and present Presidents go at each other with hammer and tongs, in a figure of speech.

When once it used to be the indirect approach and via proxies, it is now a full-blooded head-on charge. The time for niceties is over.

Both men are trying to stamp their mark on the future of UMNO. One person claims that the way forward is simply to replace the person he annointed to succeed him. After making an admission that he had made a mistake of selection in the first place, how confident are UMNO members that any doctor's prescription is going to work?

When you discover you have a serious ailment, it is always wise to seek a second opinion and sometimes your own family may be too involved to offer a good solution.

Based on events in the past 15 years or more, UMNO has slowly become stricken with the ailment of being self-serving and not serving the nation for the general good.
Don't just listen to UMNO members but also listen to the other BN leaders who might be more willing to share ideas on how to save the patient.

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