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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Nice Contest Shaping Up Between States and We are the Winners!

This is just the beginning of the benefits that voters will see in the coming years if we allow democracy to grow and flourish.

Last week, the Penang admin announced that the order for new cars was being scrapped as they wanted to save some RM600k plus and today we read this story that the Negri admin is doing a similar deed by scrapping "the privilege of keeping their official cars" of those who retired.

I wonder how that privilege was created in the first place? OK if the guy was doing the job for 20 years and the old car has some sentimental value. But not if it is less than 10 years old.

I am sure if this contest included open tenders, we the rak'yat will enjoy the ride more as costs will surely come down.


Anak Merdeka said...

And the only reason the MB is scrapping the RM1500 state assemblymen allowance for service centres is b'coz he wouldn't fund DAP's service centres!

Seremban must be the only town where perfectly good roads are regularly dug up and resurfaced causing much inconvenience to motorists.

novice101 said...

This is the beauty of the 2-party system, our politicians working diligently to serve us.

This is what we had been thinking, dreaming and hoping for, for the past 50 years. We, finally, rewarded ourselves through the ballot box.

We should celebrate as we have gained victory, we have gained victory over our own fears and apprehensions. Now, we are free, we should remain vigilant, not to allow ourselves to relapse into our old complacent selves. We must not be too complacent of our voting rights. We have to be vigilant in whom we place our trust. We must not fall back to our old practice of voting only for one party, creating for ourselves an 'all-powerful' monster.

Let us from now on vote wisely so that there are checks and balances in the parliamentary system.