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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Let's Hope this Case Will End in Justice - No One Deserves ....

such a horrible end. Being beaten to death without a chance to defend oneself is a terrible fate.
Just imagine you are being held in a prison, serving a jail sentence and you are going to be discharged within 30 days.

Someone or some bodies decide that your sentence is not adequate and decide to give you a beating to within an inch of your life. They may not have had the intention to actually murder you but want to make you remember forever that you had betrayed the army's code of discipline that was tarnished by you going AWOL.

This case indicates that the army lock-ups are as bad as, if not worse than the police lock-ups that culminated in the RCI on the police.

I suggest what was learnt in that RCI can be applied to this case. Let's hope the culprits will be charged in court soon.

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