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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Message for the Prime Minister - "Stand and Deliver"

So now Johor UMNO is trying to ask the PM to go fly kites in a nice way according to this article in malaysiakini.

They want the DPM to run things untill
"Once the situation returns to normal, Abdullah can reassume the post or decide to let Najib continue,"

It looks as if these UMNO members do not know what has transpired since March 8th 2008. They think if AAB is away, UMNO will be able to go back to its past glory without any major mind-set adjustment. How sad for the main political force in Malaysia.

Meanwhile some concerned Malaysians have written a letter
urging Malaysians to give AAB the chance to continue.

I think the PM can do these 3 things to reduce the pressure he is facing on so many fronts:

1. The government gains more if it apologises to the former Lord President, as recommended by the Judiciary. Whether an inquiry is necessary or not, the government has the authority to do this and also reinstate the pension rights of those wronged men. Sometimes it is better not to depend on a Cabinet decision.

2. Charge the HINDRAF 5 in court or better still release them. The police should have enough evidence to bring a case of unlawful assembly or disturbing the peace or obstructing a police officer.

3. The best form of defence is to attack. Focus on your biggest threat and take some action; especially if a challenge has been made.

Taking a long leave of absence is a coward's choice. Many Malaysians still hope you will take urgent action against some of those mega-corruption cases. Once you leave, be assured it will be a one-way ticket to oblivion.

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