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Friday, April 11, 2008

"Excuse Me, Please Switch On the CCTV - We'll be Robbing Your Bank in 10 Minutes"

That seems to be the attitude of the management of Malaysia Airports Berhad, where the CCTV system was not operating at the time of the million-ringgit shoot-out at the KLIA.
They somehow have the notion that robbers will tell them when they are going to strike.

Apart from the CCTV malfunction(?) MAB is also featured in another report on a second security breach in 6 months. I wonder why the Minister claims that area is not under MAB's jurisdiction when its CCTV was switched off.

The security company that was ambushed also did not follow basic principles of reducing the chance of attack. By being so close together they really had no chance to defend themselves or those they were were supposed to protect.

They assume that because they have a gun, robbers will be afraid to attack them.
The next time you go to the bank, just observe the position of the armed security guard. In many cases, you can go up to the guy and ask him a question. This means you can easily overpower him if that is your intention.

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