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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Police Force has the Capability, it is Just that We Accepted Unjust Laws

It is worrisome to see grown men arguing about the ISA and particularly the HINDRAF 5 that woke up many moderate Malaysians to the clear and present danger to their country Malaysia.

The police, I am sure are able to get evidence to get serious criminals charged in the courts as seen the recent multi-million drug bust - a job well done and involving many teams with special skills.

The ISA it seems does not require any specific evidence as all it needs is the belief of the Interior Minister that you are going to create mischief to endanger national security and PRESTO! they will come and arrest you in the middle of the night and able to put you away for 2 years without seeing the inside of a court.

So the police are not to be blamed for ISA arrests. We have allowed laws to be passed that put little onus on the Minister to justify any ISA detention.

Now that Parliament appears to be wavering between BN and PR(Pakatan Rak'yat) perhaps it may be a good time to revisit and revise this law or it could become like the UMNO election restrictions.
One never knows when such an unjust law will be applied to those who created it.


PeterP said...

The police are not to be blamed for the ISA (both the legislation and the application) because it is obviously a political tool.

Politics is again at play in the new efforts to get the Hindraf 5 freed. Some parties, having been clearly rejected by the people are trying to gain political mileage.

PeterP said...
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H J Angus said...

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