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Friday, April 18, 2008

Photos Don't Lie but We Need to Be Careful about Such Evidence...

No doubt many of you who use the NSH will be overtaken by those speeding buses that sometimes end up in the ditch with a few fatalities.

This motorist submitted a photo to the NST to show such an incident. However such a photo is not adequate for bringing a case to court for the following reasons:

1.The speed indicator does not prove both vehicles are in motion.
2.The bus position does not prove it had actually overtaken the motorist.

But the motorist is to be commended for this photo if he had kept both hands on the steering. I wonder how he was able to take the photo whilst driving at 110kph. But definitely the traffic cops should launch more ops to nab these speed demons. At one time they were talking of using the toll tickets to help control speeding and also those black boxes that can control most aspects of fleet management.

One aspect of these buses is that they are rather light in relation to the engine power and the flimsy construction above the passenger area means that when the bus turns turtle, only the seats afford some degree of protection. In an accident, I reckon the safest place to be would be on the floor between the seats.

Photo: Thanks to S.K. the letter writer.

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