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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Make Love, Not War

There was a recent news article that we have signed agreements worth RM1b on defense items and the Defense Minister remarked that such spending is warranted even though the region is at peace.

I argue that such expenditure should be reduced unless there is urgent need that is backed by some proper evidence of impending agression. From what I read, the only areas that are unstable near Malaysia are Thailand's restive southern area, Acheh in Indonesia and the Molo area in the Philippines. All these areas are fighting for self-independence and not directed at Malaysia.

Of more concern to Malaysians should be the acts of violence and other needs we read about in the news and all these are found in today's NST.

Newborn found floating
Baby's body found in plastic bag
Prostheses will give them new life

Now if we allocate perhaps RM200m of the monies spent on defense to family welfare and health programs we should not be reading such stories in the dailies.

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