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Saturday, April 19, 2008

An Independent ACA Would be Great But Let's Get the IPCMC First...

I strongly support the idea of an independent ACA.
We are more than 30 years behind the ICAC of HongKong that began in 1974.

By having an independent ACA, the PM will also subject himself to all laws just like everyone else and that would be a major move to start politically incorrect persecutions. I daresay that most Malaysians perceive the ACA to be unable to act without the tacit approval of the PM.

I suggest that since the IPCMC has been long overdue, it should be done now. Let's not cloud the issue with the ACA now.

After all we can easily adapt the HK model and that should be possible within a one-year transition. It is like trying to re-invent the wheel?


Latiff said...

great news, but if i am not mistaken, the real power is still lies in the hand of AG.They are still holding the power either to prosecute the wrong does or not... so what change??

Paul Naidu said...

if this can truly happen, it will be one of the greatest gift the government can give the rakyat.

my view is the ACA should be only answerable to the Parliament.

only the democracy in it true sense can prevail...

executive legislative judicial
should be 100% independent!

read my short story "law of the obvious" at www.paulnaidu.blogspot.com if interested....

H J Angus said...

lafiff and paul
welcome and thanks fo your comments.

I think the AG's role in many cases needs to be checked.
Are many cases put in cold storage because big shots are the suspects?

Yeah Parliament should be the ones to have over-sight of the ACA. Maybe they too should be the ones doing the checking for judges slated for appointment or promotions; a bit similar to the USA method of appearing before the select committees.