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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Reducing the Demand for Foreign Workers is Good but More Must be Done to Train Locals

Easier said than done.
Just look at the large homes that employ 2 or 3 maids or the coffee shops where foreign workers now operate many stalls.

Now that is what one can see done openly - what about the thousands of SMEs that operate behind closed doors and high fences? Or the remote estates far away from prying eyes.

Malaysians are simply too lazy and we always want the easy way of doing things and not the correct way. Even the government operates on this wavelength.
What about the thousands of illegals that managed to become citizens through some magic process in Sabah?

A proper study needs to be done so this can be carried out smoothly. One measure that may be useful is that the levy collected from employers can be used to conduct skills courses for idle youths and even those in prisons so they can get proper jobs on release.
Employers can also be awarded matching grants to automate factory processes but this must be handled carefully but people will find loop-holes.


pokdi said...

Now that many young people are unemployed, its time to take another look. Having foreigners working as cashiers at supermarkets or even as security guards IS depriving citizens of employment.
Business employ foreigners because they can pay them cheap and exploit them to the fullest.
I hope the soon-to-be-formed PR govt will be more citizen-friendly rather than employer-friendly in this issue.

PeterP said...

Agree with Pokdi – employers want the cheapest to reap the maximum. As an example, who has been against a ‘basic living wage’ for employees in the agriculture sector ? With the wages being paid there and rising prices of essential goods, Malaysians would practically be working for no gain(slaves?) to work in this sector. But, it perpetuates the myth that Malaysians workers are a lazy lot.

PeterP said...


Something OT.
Although I posted my comment at 7:25 am, 17th April, it shows a different date and time. Pls check.

I always feel as if I'm in a time warp.

H J Angus said...

pokdi and peterp
thanks for your comments.

I think part of the problem with workers in agriculture is that some of them take huge debts when they start work with the contractor and then on cannot repay. Hence they end up in a debt trap.

OK the clock has been reset for one of my loyal readers!

PeterP said...

Thanks, many thanks for the prompt action.