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Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Few Subsidy Monsters Created by the Government ....

This interesting letter in malaysiakini shows how the government created its own monsters for fuel and gas subsidies.
http://www.malaysiakini.com/letters/83708 (free!)

It is an excellent letter and it describes the one-sided approach the government took to encourage the development of the IPPs. Of course the agreements are all secret like the blood-sucking toll agreements that are claimed to be protected under the OSA.

Remember a few months back, the former Works Minister proclaimed the toll agreements would be made public and then only after a few days of cheap publicity, they claimed they needed the consent of the other party before the agreement could be made public?

My guess is that they realised that the toll agreement would have caused the downfall of any government in the polls and that is why they kept quiet about the sordid deals.

Just a salient quote from the letter:

"Petronas has paid out RM58.2 billion in gas subsidies since 1997, out of which, RM26.7 billion has gone into the pockets of the IPPs".

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PeterP said...

They give away the rakyat's money and then tell the rakyat to 'change your lifestyle'!! Makes you sick doesn't it?