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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Headlines from malaysiakini : "Hop out of BN, Mahathir tells MPs"

It is interesting that malaysiakini is providing such extensive coverage to TDM's call to overthrow the BN government.

The article really calls on BN MPs to do a "flip-flop" and treats the voters like some unknown and unseen factor to be simply disregarded as to who should be leading the nation.

Thus far the AAB leadership has been brave enough to hold two Royal Commissions and allowed the reports to be made public. Now let us see what actions they will take to restore Malaysia's good name that has been badly tarnished.

Luckily only a few MPs do behave like lemmings.


novice101 said...

HJ Angus, we should be following Malatsiakini's footstep. We should from now give a more muted reaction to anything that has to do with that mahathir.

novice101 said...

sorry.. 'should not be...

tony said...

HOP to PR where else.
Sabahan MP what the hell are
u guys waiting for ?
we need a strong and EFFICIENT
Singapore should apply rejoining
MALAYSIA due to the above.