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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Does This Reflect the Corruption in the Police Force ?

Soccer has been called "the beautiful game" but today's report in the NST shows how corruption and bribery has invaded the pitch and also the dressing rooms.

Just imagine that! At least 9 players have been investigated for being alleged match- fixers. That would be about 85% of the team on the take.
Are they working for the same syndicate or from different groups? Most likely the latter as it would be difficult to get the desired results if working for different groups.

It probably started with one or two players who then recruited the rest.
The FA should fine the team and also ban the police team from competing for 2 or 3 years. If they don't have the gumption to do that, the PDRM itself should withdraw voluntarily to show they do not tolerate such criminal activities.

On a broader note, this type of corruption can happen in any department that is small and where the people have to work closely together to get results. Just think of the prominent murder case in town.

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