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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sex Education is Best Left to Parents and Schools and not NS

Given the problems in the NS scheme where sick trainees do not get effective treatment that can result in deaths as in 2 recent cases, I don't believe that sex education is the best subject to be taught in the mixed camps where poor supervision may result in unintended consequences.

What do they hope to achieve? A few babies conceived in NS camps? I suggest that parents and the teachers in schools would be the best teachers for sex education that should begin before or at the onset of puberty.

By the time the youths enter NS, it is more a question of controlling their raging hormones. A few talks on AIDS and HIV would be OK together with the caution for those who may be duped into become drug mules.

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PeterP said...

My sentiments exactly, HJ. This was never part of the original scope of the NS.