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Monday, May 5, 2008

Leaving a Bitter Taste in Charitable Associations....

I find the ongoing spat with the so-called charitable associations of the state governments distasteful.
Looking at the way they reacted, it seems that they were meant mainly for the purpose of parading the VVIP wives at public functions so that they could wear all their finery and expensive jewelry.

The RoS too has to answer some questions for allowing such associations to be dissolved and funds taken out without some pertinent questions. I remember setting up a Residents' Association and one of the conditions was that membership must be open to ALL residents of the taman. One cannot form exclusive associations and bar individuals based on race, sex, etc.

Funds were also collected from the public and even state organisations and I suggest the state should pursue this matter diligently. Otherwise no one will donate to such bodies in future.

The past President of the association would be part of the new Exco (as the Immediate Past President) and be able to offer guidance and ensure that the objectives of the body are carried out. Is that not a more civilised way of doing things?

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PeterP said...

Great suggestion. But how many in this country are civilized/educated/humane yet loudly proclaim they are professionals/hold degrees, etc ?