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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Typical Knee-Jerk Reactions of So-called Malaysian Leaders

There must be something in the air we breathe or the water we drink that somehow creates the knee-jerk reactions whenever problems crop up.

Not much thinking is done into the various problems but someone gets a flash in the pan idea and Presto we get the instant mee solution; without much thought of problems down the road.

Just consider the following:

1. Crooked bridge when Singapore refused to cooperate on the straight bridge.

2. National Service was launched with a 4-month lead time.

3. Banning petrol to foreign vehicles in border areas.

4. Getting rid of the "sexy" uniforms for school girls.

5. Getting all hot and bothered over the loss of Pedro Blanca.

I have written about Item 3 here and JB's economy will soon have a serious economic downturn.

There is an excellent letter written in malaysiakini about Pulau Pisang here that explains how our so-called leaders spend so much time in trivial pursuits.

Only those sexy girls' uniform I have not covered before - need some more inspiration!


Zawi said...

H J,
Yeah you are right, typical knee jerk reactions. Don't bother to read about the sexy uniform. Some girls will find a way to expose themselves to look sexy even if you dress them up in khaki uniform. Their parents should be the one to watch on how their daughters dress up. Some girls will dress up in thin material to show off their branded cups or no cup at all.

H J Angus said...

I agree with you that parents and not the government should be responsible for the way their daughters behave.

Someone just mentioned the fabric should have a proper specs. - maybe 300tpi?

Branded cups? Aaah.. I see you have been paying attention. Reminds me of the time I had to buy sports bras for my daughter who was overseas!