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Thursday, May 29, 2008

It Takes Only 10 Seconds of Madness to Destroy Years of Goodwill

I wonder what was going through the minds of those 20 odd FRU officers who dragged this 21-year old youth from his car and beat him to a pulp.

You can read the story in the malaysiakini article headed:

"BMC fracas: Police beat up youth".
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For a nation that is governed by laws, the authorities need the cooperation of the majority of citizens so that a limited police force is able to uphold laws and the police need our help urgently.

Using such excessive force to arrest an alleged felon will definitely lose more support for the police who must accept the IPCMC without further delay.

Why is the government still so silent on the matter?

The latest report indicates that no barricades will be allowed and the matter will be resolved by the two companies. If only those in high positions had taken this stance in the first place.

We are still a peaceful nation but events like this can easily escalate into more serious acts of sabotage.

photo: thanks to malaysiakini

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