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Friday, May 23, 2008

Now malaysiakini Describes UMNO as a 50-year old Cow

You can read the heading here.

Let's hope they don't get sued for calling UMNO such a name. I mean a cow that old is probably not fit for anything except perhaps to be turned into fish food pellets - definitely no more milk and I think the skin is not good enough for tanning.

Such is the new freedom in many Malaysians minds today that people are now willing to discuss the pros and cons of the AAB-TDM conflict and you notice that the share market is behaving normally - that is a good sign that investors have not been spooked.

But returning to the old cow concept - I don't think the brains will be of much use, don't you think so too?


Bow said...

50 years old "PIG" sound more appropriate to everyone.

Birds Talking said...

Hi H.J.,

I like your comment.
Ya, the cow is so old that it cannot even see the grass in front of him!

Cheers and Regards
Birds Talking