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Thursday, May 22, 2008

NATIONAL SERVICE - Two Interesting Letters in malaysiakini

If you have teenage children you need to read these 2 well-written letters on the NS in malaysiakini

Inquiry need for 'murderous' NS programme and
Nothing coincidental about NS deaths

There was also an article in the MSM about the authorities wanting to introduce "community service" to those who object to the idea of NS. While an alternative service is a good step, I wonder why they still want to charge the youths, get them convicted and then impose the "community service" on them.

It seems to indicate that the people in the NS administration realise that it is only a question of time before more parents will strongly object to the hastily drawn up plan to foster greater harmony among our young adults.

I believe that the mixing of our young has been twarted by the education system itself where many Malays are sent to residential schools that are off-limits to others. A major step for better racial harmony would be taken if these schools had at least a 20% non-Malay intake so that no one is brought up in an isolationist environment.

I also believe that those belonging to approved uniformed groups like the Scouts, St. John's and Cadets in secondary school for at least 3 years would satisfy 80% of the NS program.

During those 3 years, they could be required to undertake community service programs perhaps once a month. After the SPM all youths will attend a one-month camp to complete NS objectives.

I just wonder...the Outward Bound School can train adults in leadership and teamwork in 28 days. Why do we still need 3 months for NS with the extra exposure to death and food poisoning for our young citizens?

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