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Monday, May 26, 2008

The Chances of Becoming Malaysia's Next Prime Minister?

This letter in malaysiakini is entitled:

"If fate is not changed, Najib will be the next PM"

The letter is not too flattering about our PMs and there is so much smoke about who should take over from AAB if and when he has to resign.

It seems that every day there is a new crisis reported in malaysiakini over the PM's shaky position and ordinary folks must be wondering how our economy is being affected.

Instead of trying to determine the best time for the PM to resign so there is a "smooth transition" of power, I suggest that all Malaysians should ponder seriously on the succession model that appears to have major flaws.

Just look at AAB. He was chosen by TDM who now openly challenges the PM and can even demand his resignation. Najib is favored by TDM but what happens if he too decides to do things his way? Another person sanctioned by TDM?

If you have been watching the USA Democratic Party's campaign of Hilary Clinton against Barack Obama, they have been debating issues for months as to who would make a better candidate - the campaign is vigorous and both must pass public scrutiny of their policies and grace under pressure. Both parties must get the votes of the grassroots.

In Malaysia we know that UMNO has about 3million members and out of this number perhaps 30 people decide on who leads UMNO and that translates into being appointed the PM.

Isn't that an inefficient method to select Malaysia's most important leader? We need to develop new methods to select our PM and just restricting the decision to UMNO may not result in the best person.

Here's another way:

BN* parties should hold a congress once in 2 or 3 years. Those qualified should offer themselves up for the PM's post and the candidates after being vetted will participate in a series of debates that will be conducted in each state over a 3-month period.

Each state will vote after the debate but the results will be revealed only after the last debate.
I feel that anyone who seeks public office must be prepared to work for it and not have it handed over on a golden platter.

P.S. If the next PM is not from BN*, then change to PR.


Rosdan Teh said...

I see one problem with the having one-to-one debate as practiced in the US.

Those seems triumph would be a good orator. However, there are scored of people in this world who are good thinker, good leader but not an excellent orator. Sometimes we need to think deep to get an answer. We do not need somebody who could churn out only populist ideas.

Putting this into perspective, I still do not favor live debate.

The Watchman said...

Agreed. Unfortunately ... we have a lot of dim-wits around who will not be able to debate intelligently before they resort to name-calling. Our Parliament is a good benchmark.

H J Angus said...

rosdan teh and the watchman
welcome to my blog and thanks for your comments.

You do not really be an excellent orator to put forth your ideas and anyone can learn how to make a good speech. If you are sincere your audience will know it.

Many top speakers started out by joining the ToastMasters Club where you can learn leadership and communication skills.