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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Jailing of Raja Petra and Showcasing our System of Justice

This is a good opportunity for the worldwide media to see how a person in Malaysia is treated for making accusations in a blog.

Coming at a time when the Commission of Inquiry is about to release its findings on the Lingam tapes, I don't see how such a heavy-handed treatment of a writer is going to win the authorities any friends as far as press freedom is concerned.

The more appropriate recourse for the aggrieved party would be to sue the pants off Raja Petra instead of using the government machinery to enforce justice.

Sedition? I don't agree that accusing a minister of wrong-doing amounts to such an act. The government should not be placed in such a compromising position.

Has anyone uncovered all the details of how the immigration records of Altantuuya and her friend got deleted? Or is there a similar story as in the case of the vanishing ink smugglers?

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