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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Can UMNO be Born Again?

malaysiakini has this feature asking the question:

Why doesn't Pak Lah fight back?

It seems that the PM is prepared to accept many blows from TDM and only occassionally puts up a defensive block when the punishment is too unbearable.

Following the March elections I reckon most UMNO leaders especially the PM realises that the BN parties need to undergo major makeovers before they can hope to do well in any further elections and therefore having a public confrontation would only damage the party further and possible put it beyond redemption.

Furthermore the PM cannot be seen to be a vengeful and spiteful person as he needs to uphold the dignity of his office. So he will only respond by granting the AG's office more competent staff and better resources to pursue the work created by the Lingam Commission.

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The Way I See It said...

I think most of us are missing the point here. UMNO did not lost and is still alive! with more than 78 parliament seats it is still a power to reckon.

What happen was MIC, MCA and Gerakan did not deliver...

Talking about a re-born UMNO is like boasting after we have been knock out on the 12 rounds instead of the first 3 rounds in a heavyweight boxing match.

We may want to reckon that if UMNO is re-born, the current state of affairs will be back to pre GE12.

Instead of asking if UMNO will be re-born, why not ask ourselves can the PR deliver and stay together...

Instead of us, meddling in other people affairs, let us manage us first.