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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Parliament Broadcasts Seem Too Costly at RM100k

I wonder what kind of broadcast contract has been drawn up that costs RM100k per day.
After all the main costs are the hire of equipment, cameramen and the broadcast channel. The actors and comedians get no pay!

I'm going to make some simplistic assumptions and if you have better figures, please let me know:

2 cameras and related equipment at RM5000 per day equals RM10,000
4 crew at RM300 per day equals RM1,200
Broadband link @ RM100 per day RM100

The direct cost for such a link is RM11,300 per day. The footage could be transmitted to RTM where it could be broadcast with a slight delay of a few minutes. It is not necessary to use ASTRO directly as that would be quite expensive for the satellite link-up.

The Information Ministry could also encourage Malaysians to purchase Tv sets that can link to the Internet.

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