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Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Good Example of the Poor Maintenance Culture...

No I am not talking about the leaking roof in the Parliament building that occurred after the infamous multi-million roof repairs - now they claim it is the air-cond drain that gets restricted with the heavy rain run off.

This article about KTM got my attention.
The article states:
"The company has 80 EMUs, 30 of which are being used for its KTM Komuter service. The rest are in the workshop."

WOW! 50 out of 80 EMUs are down. That is a very high percentage. I would guess that 20 of those EMUs have been lying around for months as no one knows which spare part has been cannibalised for use elsewhere.

The article also mentions that they are going to buy another 13 new EMUs by 2010. I wonder how long will it take for these to get stuck in the workshop too.

If I were the minister, I would make better use of a consultant to audit KTM's management and staff training procedures together with the safety audit.

With such a massive breakdown of EMUs, something is terribly wrong.

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