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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Why Do We Always Fly Kites instead of Coming Up with Properly Thought-up Plans?

Oops Malaysia has done it again.
I am referring to the hastily announced plan to ban fuel sales to foreign vehicles in border areas.

Maybe it is a good way to get the best ideas from the public and it seems the Cabinet does not have enough capacity to think through a problem beyond the first week of implementation.

There is no serious analysis of how a ban will impact business and the local economy in the border areas.
You can read the latest non-decision in this malaysiakini article.

As far as the Thailand visitors ar concerned, they can actually ban the sales of fuels in extra containers and also limit the sale of petrol to maybe RM30 per vehicle per day. Issue each vehicle with a petrol card at the border and the driver has to produce this card to the petrol station which will punch a hole on the date before selling the petrol.

In the longer term, the idea of increasing fuel prices closer to market rates is good but we really need to examine the method and mechanism by which the poor will be assisted. It should be a special bill that will be debated in Parliament.

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johnny cheah said...

Biasa-lah. This is how an arrogant government behaves. What they feel like doing, the do-lah. what they feel like implementing. they implement-lah