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Monday, May 12, 2008

Social Contract? Tell Me if Your Grown-up Children Follow Everything You Say.

I agree with the Professor that the "social contract" is an invention of slick politicians; most of whom could out-talk secondhand car dealers that you find distasteful to deal with.

Maybe for the struggle to gain independence, the various races had to forge a united stand or the British could have refused our Merdeka.

It is similar to the BN or PR relationships. To do well in elections, they have to make some arrangements and after that it is always a testing time.

It is pretty naive for leaders to insist that a social contract can exist between races forever and we are gullible if we accept that notion. Such understanding is extended only if everyone strives to make things work on a daily basis.

It is the same with political parties. The concept of "ketuanan" is fatally flawed and no one party is ordained to rule Malaysia on a permanent basis.

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