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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Disappointing Printing Experience.

Only 50 copies of the Lingam Commission Report were available for sale to the public according to this report from malaysiakini and they allowed buyers unlimited purchases.

This is an unhappy state of affairs.Even though the price is quite steep, I would expect that at least 300 copies of this report can be sold.

I wonder what type of printing they do. The old method with those individual characters set in a block and then each page printed and bound by hand? Although malaysiakini has taken the initiative to post the report online, we should modernise the printing process of such reports so that hundreds of people can read it at the same time.

As it is, one buyer was able to purchase 20% of all the units for sale. Using an inquiry website, they could have gauged the demand and then geared up the production.
Why make buyers queue up and pay tolls etc when buying can be done online?

Photo: thanks to M'kini

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HSH EmperorX said...

Someone tipped me off that ..

Raja Petra Kamarudin is a Commoner ..

Q1: How come Raja Kamarudin has TWO GRANDFATHERS ie. Raja Uda and Sultan Musa?
Q2: Why he refused to answer such questions posted in his own site (Malaysia-Today.net)?

A: Sultan Musa is NOT his grandfather! More Here [ http://thexstories.blogspot.com/2008/05/raja-petra-kamarudin-is-commoner-i.html ]