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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Helping the People of Myanmar....

Natural disasters like tsunamis and earthquakes create so much death and destruction that at times we feel we can really do little to help.

But whatever little aid we offer can mean the difference between the life and death of a fellow human being and it is good that Mercy Malaysia has embarked on a recon mission there while the Star has set up the infrastructure to channel funds to MM.

It is sad to hear a news report that India gave the military regime 24hours notice but it appears that few people got any warning. We also see the political wrangling that goes on whenever aid agencies try to enter such controlled societies.

The URL for Mercy Malaysia in the Star article is also wrong and reflects poorly on their double-checking procedures.
Here is the correct URL.
It is unfortunate that MM still does not offer online donations using Credit Cards.

I found this organisation and they are able to accept CC payments. They already operate in Myanmar and claim that 90% of funds are spent on actual relief work.

I find this statement in the Star article a little strange:
"At press time, Mercy Malaysia was coming up with a list of essential pharmaceutical drugs."

I would have expected that such a basic list of essential drugs would be known well ahead of such calamities.


novice101 said...

H J Angus., there is another organisation which has charters in most states receiving donations for the Myammar's Typhoon victims.

It is called the Tzu Chi Foundation.

www.tzuchi.org.tw - Taiwan
Melaka - www.tzuchimalacca.com
Penang - tzuchi.org.com
Tampin - Tel : 606-6331934/6331936
Seremban - tel :606-4416068
Muar - Tel-606-9544375
Kluang - Tel: 607-7736115
Kedah Tel-604-7339620
Kelatan Tel_609-7433013
J. Bahru - Tel 607-5547703
Perlis Tel- 604-9763208
Ioph - Tel-605-2551013
Sungai Patani Tel 6044218732
Terengganu Tel-609-6228811
K. Kinabalu Tel-6088-381779
Sandakan Tel-6089-212886
Miri Tel-6085-419753
Kuching Tel - 6082-344706
Tenom Tel - 6087-736001
Tawau Tel 6089- 911896

H J Angus said...

Thanks for the info.
But they are not featured in the English press.

Readers are urged to contact them at the numbers shown.

novice101 said...

The organisation is recognised by the UN as a NGO.