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Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Recently there was an article lamenting the dearth of qualified candidates for overseas postings in the Malaysian diplomatic corps.

You see the standard of English is so poor that it would really bring down the good name of Malaysia, especially for investors who may have business proposals. Already Malaysians residing abroad have written about the poor response at our foreign missions.

Now the brand new Foreign Minister has proposed that females travelling abroad should require consent letters from their parents or employers before they are allowed to leave the country.

It is good that saner minds have prevailed and the minister now suggests that it was meant to be for minors only.

Do you think with his communications ability this minister will be able to discuss important matters with other foreign dignitaries without making a major boo-boo?
For all we know Malaysia might declare war on another nation and we will be told it was meant to be a protest action only.

Shades of Saudi Arabia! Where women cannot go anywhere without a male escort.

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