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Thursday, May 8, 2008

This Level of Service More Suited to Bygone Times When We Used Donkeys....

In the good old days like a 100 years ago, justice was slow and sometimes it took ages for justice to be administered. You see they used pigeons to carry messages.

Going by the slowness with which Raja Petra is being released after posting bail today, it seems that the administrative procedures have not changed much for a hundred years and perhaps the judicial review should also include some court procedures.

According to malaysiakini's report, bail release takes 24 hours and according to the lawyer,
"Bail release takes 24 hours. Judge Nurmala Salim won't make any exception in our case," he told reporters after meeting the judge in chambers.

If we had a more efficient administrative system, the bail should be payable online and the order to produce can be emailed simultaneously to both the police and the prison department from the justice department.
Isn't that what an E-Government should strive for? Or is that meant to be in another world or life-time?

In fact the justice department should be run so that one judge or other court official should be on late duties like up to 7pm so that those who post bail can be released on the same day.

That would also cut down on the food bill in the prisons.

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