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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

National Service - the DPM Protests Too Much

The DPM was quoted by malaysiakini to have said in Parliament:

"I would like to inform the House that the programme has been well-received by the rakyat despite the cases of death. The confidence of the rakyat shows through the applications to voluntarily take part in the programme which has increased from 929 applicants (2007) to 1,137 (2008)".
If that is the case, they should make it a voluntary program with no need to take risks with the lives of our youths.

He can quote figures like 0.004% death rate and it does seem rather callous. When your child dies, it is 100% death.

He could have explained that all trainees would be given a thorough medical examination before being allowed to participate and that the program would be shortened to reduce costs. Also RMAF helicopters would be deployed to ferry sick trainees to hospitals when necessary.

That is the type of assurance that parents need and should demand.

photo: thanks to malaysiakini


CHee XtheMan said...

16 deaths ..... is no big deal !!!
What the f^&* you Najip trying to talk here ... I am sick with you Najip ... we raise the children for 18 years and it is because of your stupid programme and to lost a young life ..... YOU ARE INDEED THE DEVIL if you trying to telling the public "Ai ya 16 deaths only so far, let to have more life loss first then we see what to do next"

It is not you girl or son ... of coz .... you didn't feel the pain.

Pls malaysian boycott NMS programme .... send another strong message to Najip ....

Suresh said...

boycott NMS programme!

yellowkingdom said...

My son and daughter will be eligible for NMS in another 10 years. I will certainly not let them be just numbers in Najis' money-siphoning-project lottery draw. No, we must put an end to this unnecessary loss of innocent lives outside wartime as service to the nation. I must agree with him that there are just too many stakeholders in his money-siphoning project... that to just satisfy their greed in exchange for innocent lives is a devilish plan.