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Monday, May 26, 2008

Petrol Ban in JB for Foreign Vehicles? Expect Many Companies to Close Shop.

I heard on the 8pm TV3 news that foreign vehicles will not be sold fuel as a means to control the sale of subsidised fuel to foreigners within a 30km radius of the border.

Places such as Kulai and Pontian were mentioned and it is ironic that it is the MP for JB who devised such a scheme.

Combined with the "crime-infested" zone that JB has, this could be the last nail in the coffin for many of Johor's service companies in the JB zone.

It also discriminates against Malaysians who have to drive Singapore-registered vehicles. Shahrir can expect to lose a few thousand more votes in the next round for this hare-brained scheme.


David said...

Yes.. I totally agree with your views. Shahrir will get into trouble soon. We, citizen of Malaysia, have the right to voice out of concern on his actions. His enforcement is totally unfair to those who stays in JB but drives S'pore registered cars. During weekends which I'll be driving around in JB, would have to travel all the way out of the 50km radius just to fill up my car's petrol. What is this?? I've been a loyal support of the BN and end up getting all this shits. Does Shahrir have the rights to implement this law before being "tabled" at the cabinet? What are our JB MPs doing for allowing this implementation? I still believe that we, as MALAYSIANs should have the privilege to the petrol subsidies. If not, at least we should be able to fill up our vehicle's petrol at the market rate. Do you expect us to drive in to S'pore(~25km) daily to get our petrol to be filled up? If that is the case, I might as well drive all the way to Kulai to get it done. Again, is a waste of energy and resources, ISN'T? Sharil, think thrice before you act. I do acknowledge that the government is trying hard to save $$ with this "workaround" fix but in long term, BN will end up heading towards the wrong direction. Wake up lar.. As I say before, I can still drive to Kulai to get my tank filled 100% and drive back. Unneccesary energy, resources, time and money will be wasted.. Start thinking of the future. Maybe you should start promoting the use of hybrid cars by importing more of them in at an affordable price tag.

Keith Low said...

Target sighted: Petrol ban to foreigners. To also include Rich Malaysian w BIG cars, Expat. Mat Salleh, Legal as well as illegal Indonesian residing in M'sia.


Report: Malaysian working in S'pore (driving S'pore registered car b'cos NOT allowed to drive M'sian registered car) main casualties. Rich Malaysian w BIG cars, Expat Mat Salleh, Legal as well as illegal Indonesian residing in M'sia all SAFE and SOUND!

CONCLUSION: Miss target, (biasa lah) SIR!