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Saturday, May 31, 2008

The BMC Fracas Reflects Malaysia's Frail Democracy....

You can read a slew of stories in malaysiakini from the latest decision by the Cabinet to require the access road to be kept open, to the unfortunate youth who was badly beaten by FRU officers, to the charge of attempted murder that is being brought against him for trying to drive through a cordon of FRU officers.

The stage for this drama is set in Selangor and it appears that both the state and federal governments have not yet worked out how to co-exist for the greater good of all Malaysians.

That explains the near anarchy that was allowed to fester; from the construction of barricades to deny residents the right of way t their housing estate, to the demolition of the barricade by the residents and the inordinate delay by the Cabinet to reach their latest decision.

Given that more states may fall into opposition hands in the future, it is perhaps timely for MPs to consider laws that give more urgency to settle disputes of this type in the future.

Otherwise instead of a frail democracy, we may well turn into a failed democracy.
The person who justified the use of such excessive force should resign and the police OC at the scene should be severely reprimanded .

We cannot have police riding roughshod over unarmed civilians unless we are a police state.

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