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Saturday, May 24, 2008

malaysiakini's Feature on Mahathir's Warning... In Defence of Our PM


The government should take serious note of his comments.
As the former PM he has undue influence and making such warnings like ......

He said "extremists" among different communities had begun to voice their opposition and make unfair demands on the government, trying to "divide rather than unite."

does not help stability. Which extremist is he referring to?
He then suggests a quick-fix that if the PM resigns all be well again.

"Because of this weakness (of the government) there is a tendency for centrifugal forces to draw away from each other. The answer to this is for the prime minister to step down. He has not acknowledged that he has failed the party," he said.

Do you think that with his preferred choice for PM all the problems faced by BN will be whistled away?

I think he is the most recalcitrant leader who does not know his time to lead is over and now he is even willing to overthrow a duly elected Prime Minister.
All loyal Malaysians should support our PM on this issue or Malaysia can disrupt into a leadership chaos and even more political instability.


novice101 said...

The public has given too much undeserved attention to what mahathir says and does. This plays directly to his inflated sense self-importance.

mahathir’s resignation from UMNO is no national earth-shaterring event, and it has not caused any uncertainty in the nation, as some would like us to believe.

It may be an emotionally bruising experience for mahathir but knowing him, he may yet come out with more brazen action. The public must do its part, it should make it known to him, in no uncertain terms, that his tantrums and ravings are not convincing anyone of his infallibility and the righteouness of his views!

Tunku AA has done well to remind the public of mahathir’s long history of launching vicious personal attacks against those whom he wanted to get rid off. It has repeatedly been shown by his own acts, that he is not shy to go down to the level of bending and twisitng facts to serve his narrow self-interests and purposes.

mahatir, by inciting racial fears, shows he is not only prepared to divide and destroy UMNO, but that he is also prepared to divide and destroy the nation. This is how selfish and irrational he has become!.

Judging by the actions he has taken, it clearly shows humbleness, inordinate charms and dignity are his not personal qualities. He harbours a sense of indispensability, he also harbours the notion that he is infallible. That’s how arrogant he is!

MarGeeMar said...

Look’s like Mahathir’s plan to play Pipe Piper to get Umno members to leave Umno en masse has backfired! This old fool should have realized that loyalty is not the middle name of Umno/ BN politicians. It is the culture of ‘ball carrying’ in this country that has put politicians in power for a very long time. Even Little Napoleons in the civil service derive their power from their ‘ball carrying’ subordinates. The reason for this ball carrying culture is very simple. You see, as long as you are in the good books of your boss, and as long as he is in power, you’ve got sunshine to make hay.

The moment your Boss is not in power, your allegiance will be towards his or her successor. Why you think Samy Vellu, Ong Ka Ting, and Lim Keng Yaik held power for so long. They had a lot of ass kissers and ‘ball carriers’ kissing and carrying their balls all the time. Now you see why poor Mamak Mahathir is up the creek without a paddle. Even his slime ball son Mukhriz is not dancing to his tune. Just wait when Badawi steps down, people like Zahid Hamidi, Rafidah Aziz, Nazri Aziz, Zainuddin ‘Mamak’ Maidin, Mohideen Yassin, and Tajol Rosli etc. will be literally spitting on poor old Pak Why MeLah and blaming him for everything that has gone wrong with this country and Umno/BN.

Right now, everyone including his Cabinet, Umno/BN members, the MSM is singing praises to Badawi. That is why this idiot doesn’t seem to realize how things are screwed up now in this country. This poor excuse for a PM doesn’t even realize how he screwing up the country himself. With his SIL and 4th Floor boys pulling the strings, things can only get worse. Only when the floor gives way will this fool wake up from his slumber. By then, it will be too late.

This is after all part and parcel of UMNO/BN culture, The conclusion I can come to is that, every single Umno/BN member is nothing more than a leech, parasite and scum that has not got an ounce dignity to their name. All they are interested in is to get favors, get scholarships for their children and get their bank accounts fatter