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Thursday, May 15, 2008

SPEECHLESS over the Time Allotted to MPs!

I wonder if this Deputy Speaker knows how to do his job properly.

How do you expect an MP to deliver a speech in 2 minutes?
Earlier speakers were given 15 minutes.

According to the article,
He (Nazri) said he would meet the opposition leadership as well as backbenchers to work out a formula for time management as well as allowing certain representatives from each party, who are well versed in a subject, to take part in the debate.

I wonder why this was not done earlier?
There should be no restriction on speakers as we want new MPs to show their speaking abilities too. Before the start of each session, a list of intending speakers should be drawn up and the time requested should be stated. That way if the session is too long, the time will be cut proportionately; with a minumum time given of at least 7 minutes.

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