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Monday, May 26, 2008

malaysiakini's Article "MB: RM27m spent by BN reps in two months"

This clearly shows that the MPs used public funds to try and influence the results in the last General Elections.

I don't think there are laws at present to curb such wanton abuse of the privilege to enable MPs to initiate minor projects for the benefit of their constituencies.

The following would be in order to prevent such abuse in the future.

1. The funds for each year cannot be spent in one go but must be credited with a monthly budget. This means that the annual budget must be divided equally among the 12 months. If you do not spend in January, you are allowed to spend January's and February's allocation in February.

2. The funds cannot be accumulated for more than 3 months so that more minor projects can be carried out.

3. Not more than 20% of the funds can be used for any single project and in any particular kampong/area.

I am sure that if such rules are properly laid out and enforced by the state treasury, we need not spend much energy lamenting such abuses in the future.



donplaypuks said...
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donplaypuks said...

Apparently, this is has been the norm with BN for th elast 30 years.

It has only come to light becoz the BN never expected to lose the GE and be held accountable for the indecent haste with which taxpayers' money was blown away.

Ask YB Chief Minister to look at th epattern of councillors' spending in the 2 month's b4 GE 2004. I'll be surprised if the same thievery did not take place!!

It is only right that if the spending is not supported by proper receipts and proof, the thieves be hauled up in court.